Sending emails to “Undisclosed Recipients”

email-logoWhat is this black magic they call  “Undisclosed Recipients” ?

Sending a message to undisclosed recipients allows you to send an email to multiple people without sharing everyone’s email address.

With peoples privacy concerns at the forefront of today’s computer issues – we should all learn how to share and email without compromising everyone’s security or privacy.

There are many email platforms .. they all have a way send mail to “Undisclosed Recipients”.  Today we will show you how it is done in GMAIL.


  1.  Open your web browser and go to your gmail account.
  2.  Click Compose
  3.  Type    “Undisclosed recipients” <>   in the To field   ( Please replace youremailaddress with your email address.)  It should look something like this below:Capture
  4. Now click  BBC   ( Blind Carbon Copy ) Found to the right on the same row as the To field.
  5. Type the email address you would like to send the message to.  You can use your distribution list here as well.
  6. Type your message
  7. Click Send

It is important to note.. Because you sent the message.. You could possibly see all the addresses in the message you sent yourself.

However everyone else will see : Picture3



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