One USB to rule them all

Welcome USB 3.1C

The world of the USB is about to change… No more flipping the usb around a few times to get it to fit in the hole!  YAY!

USB 3.1 C  has entered the market.  It has no up or down.. it works both ways!   USB C can be used to transfer not only Data but power. But hold off a minute if you think you are going to get one today, because the usb to rule them all is not quite mainstream yet.

USB 3.1 boast a whopping 10Gbps transfer rate!  No more waiting for hours for your data to transfer to a usb stick or hard drive.

There are two versions A and C

The A port is looks just like your regular USB A connector – but it will be a different colour.  However there is no guarantee that the manufactures will stick to their colour conventions… I have see a few devices with the USB 3.1 ports in Blue.

  • Black – USB 2.0
  • Blue –  USB 3.0
  • Turquoise – USB 3.1usbprots

Although USB 3.1 has been available since 2013, it seems the extra power requirements are slowing it’s release into the real world.  However we should see the USB 3.1 A and C ports will start appearing on higher end machines very soon.

I don’t know about you.. I can hardly wait for a USB C port!


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