Avoiding Scammers!

It sickens me to think of how many of you have fallen or may fall victim to tech support scams.

Remember if you don’t know .. call me and I will tell you if it is fake.

Here is what you need to know….

#1  If there is a telephone number on your screen – Don’t call it.

It doesn’t matter what the message says if there is a telephone number  IT IS A SCAM! Microsoft is a software developer.. it doesn’t fix virus infections on your computer.   To fix your computer from virus infections or other issues you need to call a repair service.

     #2  Never call someone you don’t know about your computer!
If someone calls you telling you that your computer is having problems… it is a scam. There is absolutely no way for Microsoft or anyone else to know the condition of your computer!  Hanging up is the simplest way to deal with these calls.  
If you see a telephone number on your computer screen… Never call that number. Call someone you know ( like me ) or a local computer repair shop if you believe your computer is infected.

#3  Scams are not limited to tech support.  Be suspicious.

Scams can come in many different forms.  Be suspicious!

Emails email-logo

– about accounts being compromised – can be a scam… be suspicious!
– about Revenue Canada – be suspicious!
– about money / banking – be suspicious!
– winning an award, inheritances ect. – be suspicious!
– emails with attachments  – be very suspicious of emails with attachments.  (PDF files are safe)  any other type document can have virus’s embedded in it.  ( photos are ok )


– Facebook links – causing blue screen type messages with telephone 125460

numbers this is a scam for sure
– browsing the internet and you get to a page that tells you  “You are infected” this is a scam for sure
– New friend requests on Facebook from people you are already friends with  this is a scam.


Every single time you pick up the telephone to an unknown caller be on the ready for a scam.
– Phone calls about relatives in trouble / sick – and they need your money –this is  a phonescam.  Verify your relatives safety through someone you trust first.
 – Phone calls about Revenue Canada/ money – are scams.  Revenue Canada send registered postal letters when they have a problem – not emails / calls. – Phone calls about your computer – are always scams!
Please download the following instruction sheet  that shows you how to close out of the browser tech support scam that locks your computer screen. It has easy to follow instructions.. 
Download this pdf and print it for reference! How to Remove Virus Scam
llamaYou can call me at any time if you see this message on your screen. If I don’t answer – leave a message… If all else fails –  Turn off your computer by holding down the power button.  Then wait for my call back.
Please follow my business on Facebook for information about  the latest threats and helpful hints!   https://www.facebook.com/MrsCliffordcomputerrepair/

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